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This mix was created because Cory could feel something "bad" in the bedroom. It was making him feel a little sick. After looking around he discovered some mold growing in the corner where there was a leak. So.... off to the research he went to find out if anything can be done with essential oils.

After researching he found that not only could he make a mix that would kill the mold, but it would also kill any viruses and bacteria. This mix has a nice cinnamon scent and it can also be used on pet bedding, inside the car, or anywhere else that you want a nice scent that also kills bacteria, mold and viruses.

This is a plastic bottle with a mist sprayer so you can mist it into the air, or apply it onto pet bedding. You can also spray this mix directly onto any surface that has mold growing.

We cannot make any claim that you will have the same results as those people we tested, but Cory used this mix directly onto some mold that was growing in the corner of the bedroom and killed the mold right away. This is a natural and healthy way to kill mold, viruses and bacteria without having to use dangerous chemicals around pets, children or yourself.

This comes in a 2 oz - 60 ml plastic bottle with a mist sprayer. The actual oil mix will be shipped to you in a 5ml bottle, along with the plastic bottle that is empty. You just put the contents of the 5ml bottle into the plastic spray bottle and fill with water. When you finish with the bottle, don't throw it away because you can just buy the 5ml diffuser bottle and make another mix. The 5ml concentrate bottle of this mix is available in the diffuser section on the shopping cart.

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