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Cory's Special Essential Oil Mixes came about because of an accident that Cory had the day after Labor Day in 2014. Cory fell backward, hitting his head on a 5 gallon plastic bucket. The next day he woke up with so much pain in his left arm and left side of his back. He went to his chiropractor and was diagnosed with a Herniated disc between C5 and C6. He was in so much pain that he wanted to cut off his arm, but he knew that was not an option. After a few days, a friend invited him to a presentation on Essential Oils, with the hope that one of the company's products would eliminate his pain. After testing a few of the oil blends that they recommended, Cory purchased one of their creams and got some relief while using it, but not enough.

Cory remembered learning about Oregano and Clove essential oils from a long time friend Steve, about 10 years earlier, so Cory started doing research on essential oils and how they work. Cory tested a number of essential oils on his arm, and started blending them together to get better results. Along the way Cory learned what to do and what not to do with essential oils.... like how important it is to use a carrier oil so the blend is not too strong. He also learned the importance of the essential oil notes and the correct order to mix the essential oil blends he was creating.

Cory's Special Essential Oil Mixes do not use any specific company's essential oils, but purchases therapeutic quality essential oils from wholesale companies, which helps to keep the costs down. What he found is that the blend is more important than the actual company where the essential oils come from. He also learned how important it is to be using "High Quality" "Therapeutic" "100% Natural" essential oils. The fact that almost everyone who tries Cory's Special Essential Oil Mixes have great results, confirm that the blends are working.

Later the friend who invited Cory to the presentation on Essential Oils, got into an accident and after trying the company's "Pain Relief" cream and not getting very good results, he then gave Cory's SEOM, Muscle & Pain Relief oil mix a try. After 2 hours the pain was starting to go away so he put more of Cory's SEOM Muscle & Pain Relief mix on the area of pain and 2 hours later was in less pain. He then put it on before going to bed and when he awoke the next morning he had no pain. To date, he has had no more muscle pain while using Cory's SEOM Muscle & Pain Relief mix.

Another friend fell and broke his arm. He started taking chemical pain pills and after the first week his wife called Cory and asked if she could get some of his Muscle & Pain Relief oil mix because her husband had taken 60 of the chemical pain pills trying to deal with the pain. She was concerned for his health because she knew it was not good for her husband to be taking so many pain pills. After 3 days of using Cory's Muscle & Pain Relief oil mix, her husband stopped taking the pain pills and to date whenever he feels any pain, out comes the Muscle & Pain Relief essential oil mix.

We have also found that this mix helps to relieve "Restless Leg Syndrom" when applying it to the legs and massaging it for five minutes.

Cory's desire is to create as many mixes as he can to help people get and stay healthy without using chemical based medicines. The power of essential oil has been around for centuries, and was mentioned in the Bible when the wise men gave the family of the baby Jesus, Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold. (Gold was not the metal, but the essential oil Tumeric, which has a golden color) Essential oils were were known for their medicinal qualities and were used by the king and his court.

Cory has created a number of special mixes that are now being marketed. Be sure to check back on a regular basis as new mixes are added often. You can also check out our online store for the latest products that we offer.

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