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Click here for Cory's SEOM online store The online store will have the latest mixes available along with other items related to our Special Essential Oil Mixes, so it is always best to visit the online store.

Cory's Special Essential Oil Mixes have a "Regular" retail price and a "Referral" price.

You can buy them at the "Referral" price if you use the "Customer Referral Program" by providing the name and City/State of the person who introduced you to Cory's SEOM. You can also use the "Referral" price if you are a previous customer, just put the last time your ordered or purchased one of our mixes. Also if you could send a note about your experience with the mix you purchased.

If you were referred by a "Non-Profit Organization" then list the name of the organization and they will get 20% of your Cory's SEOM purchase. This is a great way to support your non-profit organization while you make purchases at the referral price. You will still purchase them at the "Referral" price.

To order, use Cory's SEOM online store. On the order window use the "Referral Price" option, then to get the referral price you must enter the name and City/State of the person, or non-profit organization, who referred you. Put that name and City/State in the box "Add additional note to merchant" which is just above the green "Place Order" box on right side of the screen, on the check out page.

If you would like to purchase them wholesale and sell in your store, or swap meet/street fair/farmer's market/etc.... you must order a minimum of 16 bottles, and have a current resale permit. Call to get the wholesale pricing and to setup your account.

Call 760-207-6511 cell phone. (OK to text, with a good time to call you)

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