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Anyone who fights Allergies will love this Special Essential Oil Mix created to help with the congestion and sneezing that is associated with allergies.

This mix has been tested and has shown great potiential for eliminating the congestion that is associated with allergies. You apply it on the forehead, around the nose and on the cheeks. It also has a very refreshing aroma.

The bottle is small enough that you can carry it around with you, in your purse or pocket, and apply the oil mix whenever it is needed through the day. It is also good to keep it handy to use when you first wake up.

We cannot make any claim that you will have the same results as those people we tested, but if you have allergies it may be the natural answer you are looking for. Check out the testimonial video below.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle so you can apply it directly without having to put it on your hand first. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
The 10ml roller-ball bottle.
The 5ml diffuser bottle.
The 15ml diffuser bottle.

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