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A customer asked "Will you be making a special mix for Varicose Veins?" Then someone else asked the same question so Cory started his research and found a number of essential oils that may help with "Varicose Veins" so this mix was created.

The first person who purchased came back to get more and purchased 2 bottles. Then she ordered FIVE bottles. That was impressive, but then she ordered TEN bottles. When asked why she was purchasing so much, she said that she has lots of family members who suffer from Varicose Veins and she was shipping these bottles all over the country to her family members. She said that she was even shipping some to Mexico City!

We can't promise that your Varicose Veins will be healed using this oil, but we do know how much essential oils are helping people with all kinds of problems and health conditions. Watch the video below for another happy customer.

The oil is applied directly to the skin where the problem exists. It is always a good idea to apply the oil at night before going to bed and also after taking a shower when the pores are most open.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle so it can be applied to the Varicose Veins and not your hands. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
The 10ml roller-ball bottle.

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