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This is the flagship product of Cory's SEOM. On the About Us page, you can read the story about the accident that Cory had and how it led to his quest of creating his Special Essential Oil Mixes.

This first blend was created to help reduce the muscle pain that was associated with Cory's injury. This mix has been used by many of Cory's friends, with many of them having great results. This mix, as well as most of the mixes, comes in a roller bottle so it is easier for you to apply it directly on the skin in the area of your muscle pain without having to put any of the mix on your hand in order to apply it. The bottle is small enough that you can carry it around with you, in your purse or pocket, and apply the oils to your skin whenever it is needed through the day. This blend should not create any skin rash, however if you do have very sensitive skin, you can apply some Extra Virgin Olive oil to your skin before applying this mix.

We cannot make any claim that you will have the same results as Cory did, however we do have many happy clients who have shared their stories with us. One client fell and broke his arm just below the shoulder. The first week he took 60 pain pills trying to eliminate the pain. His wife asked for some of our "Muscle Pain Relief" oil mix and after 3 days of using it, he stopped taking his pain pills and didn't need to take them anymore. His wife has also used the mix for back pain and other muscle aches.

Another client got into an auto accident and was using DoTerra's oils for pain. Finally he told his wife to put some of "Cory's SEOM Muscle Pain Relief" mix on his back. 2 hours later he thought is might be working so he put some more on. 2 hours later it was time for bed so he put another application of the mix on his back and went to sleep. The next morning he work up with no pain. He now uses the "Muscle Pain Relief" mix for maintaince as needed.

This mix is for "Muscle" but the sister mix for this is the "Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief" mix and it is for joint pain. You can read more about the benefits of the "Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief" on that product page.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller-ball bottle and the large 1oz (30ml) roller-ball bottle so you can apply it directly to the muscles that need relief without having to put it on your hand first.

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The 10ml roller-ball bottle.
The 1oz, 30ml roller-ball bottle.

Irene's experience with the Muscle Aches & Pain mix.

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