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This is a water and Essential Oil blend that is sprayed onto the gums that are in pain. This mix was created for those who have dental work done and need some relief from the pain. If you have ever had dental work done then you know the pain we are talking about.

Cory developed this mix after having some dental work done and suffering from sore gums. The "Anti-Cough & Flem Spray" wasn't really helping with the pain so he developed this mix and found relief by spraying it on the gums that had the pain.

As with all our mixes, we can't guarantee that you will have the same results, but when you have pain anything is worth trying. This mix is mild enough that you shouldn't have any problems with using it. Most people that have used it say the taste is nice.

This comes with a 1 oz glass spray bottle that is empty, and a 3ml bottle of the oil mix that you put into the spray bottle and add water. The 1oz spray bottle.
This also comes in a 10ml spray bottle that you can carry with you in your purse or pocket. The 10ml spray bottle.

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