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This is another oil mix that was created by Cory to help with the problem of a herniated disc.

After Cory's accident (see the story about Cory's accident and why he started creating essential oil mixes) which created a lot of extreme pain in the left side of his back and in his left arm, he went to a chiropractor and learned that he had a herniated disc between C5 and C6.

Cory created this mix to help heal the herniated disc so he would not need chemical medicine or surgery. He began using the oil mix on the skin over the C5 and C6 disc area and after about a month the inflammation reduced so he no longer needed the "Muscle Aches & Pain Relief" mix to eliminate the pain in the muscles, as a result of the herniated disc.

We can not promise that you will get the same relief, but Cory could tell when he hadn't been using enough of the "Herniated Disc Repair" mix because the finger tips on his left hand would start to lose their feeling. The fluid from a herniated disc causes swelling, which pinches the nerves around that disc, which causes a variety of pain in the muscles depending on which disc is being affected. The main problem with a herniated disc, is that the fluid from the disc creates more inflammation and puts more pressure on the disc, which causes more of the fluid to be pushed out..... which causes even more inflammation. In order for the body to heal the disc, this cycle needs to be broken.

The essential oils used in this mix were able to break the cycle with Cory's disc problem and put the body into a healthy condition, so it could heal itself.

If you have disc problems that are causing pain in other areas due to the pinched nerves, then this mix is one that you may want to consider trying. You apply it directly over the disc that is having the problem, about 2 or 3 times a day. Remember that it took Cory about a month of using the mix every day before the swelling was reduced enough that the nerve was not pinched and the "Muscle Aches & Pain Relief" mix was not needed anymore.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle so you can easily apply it directly over the herniated disc. The 10ml roller-ball bottle.

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