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Cory's SEOM Healthy Beard Oil will help to hydrate, condition, nourish, soften, and gently cleanse the skin and hair without stripping the skin's natural balance of oils, thereby leaving the skin and hair feeling invigorated, fresh, soothed, and supple. This in turn makes your hair easier to grow since dry skin and dry hair is the enemy of growth. A soft beard will grow more straight and even in length due to the moisture and nutrients from a good oil for your beard. The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed — not dusty, flaky and shaggy.

How often should I put Cory's SEOM Healthy Beard Oil in my beard? Well, that depends on how active you are and what your current grooming routine looks like. The basic rule of thumb is to apply beard oil at least twice a day. After your morning shower, apply beard oil to your face. When you get home, after you wash your face before bed, you should apply beard oil.

How do you tame a curly beard?
A wide-tooth beard comb is the best choice for curly beards, while a boar bristle brush will tame and smooth the frizz, without ripping out your facial hair or irritating the skin. Don't use plastic combs or regular brushes because they can damage your beard.

Let’s be clear: Beard oil is one of the most important tools in your grooming kit if you’re serious about maintaining a healthy, attractive beard. It just is. It’s one of the game-changers that help transform your beard from a mere mass of facial hair to one that others admire. Not that you need the admiration of others, but oil can help you acquire the confidence that you’re always putting your best beard forward.

Let’s be real: If you’re serious about growing a proper beard, then you need to have Cory's SEOM Healthy Beard Oil in your grooming kit. There’s really no excuse for not having it because its many benefits help transform your beard from dull, sluggish, and messy to something worthy of admiration.

But, is beard oil really necessary?
Well, if you've got great genetics and have always had a thick growth without any dryness or dandruff then you might just be able to get away without beard oil.

But how many of us are that lucky?

You see, it's not just about having healthy facial hair growth, it's also about having healthy skin beneath. By using our beard oil, your facial skin will be protected from environmental factors like air pollution and variable weather and your hair follicles will thank you for the nourishment.

This mix comes in three sizes. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
A 5ml Boston Round bottle that is small enough to carry around with you.
A 15ml Boston Round bottle.
A 30ml Boston Round bottle.
As you can see the larger the size the better value you get.

We cannot make any claim that you will have the same results as those people we tested, but if you have it may be the natural answer you are looking for.

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