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In today's world there is a lot of stress between work, family, bills, transportation, etc. The need for an essential oil mix to help us feel good and eliminate stress is important. Stress can keep the body from being healthy which will prevent the body from healing itself.

Someone said to Cory "why don't you create a stress relief essential oil mix?" So Cory went to do research on what essential oils are good for stress.... and he found a number of them. He also found that "Feeling Good" goes hand in hand with relieving stress.

After creating the "Feel Good - Stress Relief" mix, Cory was able to personally test it. He was under a lot of stress from having to downsize, dealing with bills, and trying to keep a happy wife. He was amazed at how calm he felt after using the "Feel Good - Stress Relief" mix and wants everyone to also enjoy the peace that comes from using it.

One customer got this mix because he was going through a lot of legal situations. A few weeks after getting the mix he reported that if he didn't have this mix, he would have probably had a mental breakdown. He said that using the mix, it helped him to stay relaxed about all the legal problems he was having.

Another customer said that he was talking with a surgen who told him that when someone gets an operation they should not allow anyone to visit them for 48 hours. People, thinking that they are supporting the patient, actually cause stress and that the stress will un-do the surgical operation. The surgen also said that stress is the number one cause of poor health.

We can't promise that you will have the same results that Cory and others have had, but if you feel yourself under a lot of stress, or just want to lift your spirits during the day/night, try using Cory's "Feel Good - Stress Relief" mix.

We won't be able to keep your boss from driving you nuts, but you will feel a lot better if he does.

Apply when needed to the back of your neck, on your chest, and behind the ears. When safe to do so, you can apply some to the palm of your hands, rubbing them together and cupping them over your nose, breathing deeply to get the fumes into your brain.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle so you can keep it with you during the day and use when needed. This mix also comes in a concentrated mix that you can use in your diffuser, pendant, or car vent diffuser. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
The 10ml roller-ball bottle.
The 5ml diffuser bottle.
The 15ml diffuser bottle.

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