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When the cold and flu season comes, it is nice to have a "natural" remedy to replace the "chemical" options you will find in the drug stores. Here is a great mix that will help fight off the symptoms that come with a cold or flu. This oil mix is applied to the outside of the throat, on the back of the neck, around the nose area, and on the chest. You can also apply it to the bottom of your feet when you go to bed.

This mix was created by Cory when his family came down with colds. Even Cory had a cold and although the "Cough & Flem Spray" was working good at breaking up the flem and crud in his lungs, his throat was sore and the nose was running a lot. This mix helped ease the scratchy throat and gave some relief to the running nose.

One customer said that this mix kept her kids in school during the cold and flu season. They would come home from school, having caught a cold from one of the kids. She would apply the mix to them before going to bed and when they woke up the next morning they were feeling good and off to school again. Then a few days later she would have to do it again because someone else in the classroom had a cold or flu and her kids caught it.

Although we can't guarantee that you will have the same results, it can't hurt to try a "natural" option before using the chemical options that the medical industry will recommend. Here at "Cory's SEOM" we want to give people a "natural" solution to help with their health issues.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
The 10ml roller-ball bottle.

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