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After the success of Cory's Muscle Pain Relief, a few people were asking Cory about making an Arthritis mix. While researching Cory found that a lot of the same essential oils in the Muscle Pain Relief mix are the same ones used in the Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief mix. There are some differences between the two mixes and those differences make the Arthritis & Joint mix work very well for a person's Arthritis and Joint pain relief.

Cory again was able to test this mix on himself and saw how well it worked. After a few days of hard work, his knees and knuckles were hurting very bad. He was using the "Muscle Pain Relief" mix but not having any success and then he remembered that joints are different than muscles. He then started using the Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief mix on his knees and the knuckles of his hand. This brought the relief that he was expecting and confirmed that the "Arthritis & Joint Mix" is a great mix for joint pain relief.

There are many forms of Arthritis but this mix should work for most Arthritis and Joint pain. We can't make any claims that you will get relief by using Cory's SEOM Arthritis & Joint Pain Relief, but with Cory's own personal testimony and with the relief that others have had, we are confident that you too will find relief for your arthritis and joint pain.

As with most of the pain relief mixes, you are able to roll the essential oil directly on your skin with the roller ball. This will keep from getting the pain oil mixes on your hands. The bottle can be carried in your purse or pocket so it is always handy when you feel pain in your joints.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle and a 1 oz - 30 ml roller bottle with the "grande" roller ball.
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The 10ml roller-ball bottle.
The 1oz, 30ml roller-ball bottle.

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