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This is a water and Essential Oil blend that is sprayed into the back of the throat, which can help to reduce the flem associated with a cold and to soothe the throat.

Before Cory began creating his Special Essential Oil Mixes, he was first introduced to Essential Oils by his good friend Steve, who taught him how to mix water with some Essential Oils and by spraying it into the back of his throat can kill the bacteria and soothe the rash that accompanies a sore throat. That first mix was very simple and after starting to make his Special Essential Oil Mixes, Cory perfected the blend and created a mix that not only soothes the throat of those who tested it but also helped to break up the flem in their lungs, associated with a cold.

Most of the people who use this report that it "tastes terrible, but works really good" so if you want something that really works, you will have to tolerate the taste. It's not that bad and you don't drink it, just spray it into the back of your throat and then inhale. It does take a little to get used to it, but it's not like using chemical "sweet" products that you find in the drug stores. If you want to make it at half strength, then only put half of the 3ml bottle into the spray bottle and then add water. Then you can use the other half of the 3ml bottle to make another spray bottle.

This comes with a 1 oz glass spray bottle that is empty, and a 3ml bottle of the oil mix that you put into the spray bottle and add water.
The 1oz spray bottle.
This also comes in a 10ml spray bottle that you can carry with you in your purse or pocket.
The 10ml spray bottle.

Testimonials about using the Anti-cough & Flem Spray mix.

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