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Cory's step-daughter was at the age when kids have problems acne. Another kid Cory knows was also fighting acne, so this mix was created.

The theory behind this mix is that anytime the body discovers bacteria, it forms a puss around the bacteria so it can flush it out of the body. When there is bacteria in the skin, and the puss can't flush out, it forms into acne. Most people try and scrub with all kinds of products in an effort to open up the pores so the puss can be flushed out. We use a variety of essential oils in this mix that target the bacteria in the skin and kill it, which eliminates the need for the body to surround it with the puss. The results is.... no acne!

It even works for all ages. A 40 year old woman had acne on her back and used this mix to eliminate it and it worked great. Teenagers are not the only ones that have problems with acne.

As with all skin mixes, you should test the mix on an area that is hidden to make sure you don't have any rash. The mix uses Almond as a carrier oil to make is safe, however there are unique case where someone can get a rash from a certain oil because they are allergic to it.

The bottle is small enough that you can carry it around with you, in your purse or pocket, and apply the oils to your skin whenever it is needed through the day. To use it, just apply directly onto the acne. The best time to apply is at night, after washing your face.

We cannot make any claim that you will have the same results as these people did, however it has been working great on the people who have used it.

This comes in a 1/3 oz - 10 ml roller bottle so you can easily carry it with you and apply it directly on the areas of the acne without touching it with your fingers. Click on a size to be taken to the shopping cart with that item.
The 10ml roller-ball bottle.

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